World Coffee Production
Around 7.7 million tons of coffee beans are produced annually on 10.5 million hectares of more than 50 countries. The majority – about 85% of the world total – is produced in Central and South America. About 85% of the coffee produced is “Arabica.” Of the remainder, 10% is produced in Asia and 5% in Africa.
In these regions, “Robusta” coffee is more common. The largest producer is Brazil, with 2.2 million tons produced in 2.3 million ha. Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia are the other countries with the highest production, producing between 0.6-1.0 million tons each country in a total of 2.6 million ha.
coffee seedlings
Brazilian 29% coffee exporter
Brazil is the largest exporter, with 29% of the total exported. Vietnam and Colombia are also major exporters with 16 and 11% of total world exports, respectively. The Arabica coffee is divided between “Natural of Brazil” and “Soft”, like the “Suave Colombiano”. A smaller percentage (around 20%) of the Arabica coffee from Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala is sold as “gourmet”. Coffee Brazil – Brazilian Coffee – Green Coffe – Ground and Roasted Coffee