Edible Oil

Edible Oil is an edible vegetable oil mainly sourced from soybean, cottonseed and canola. Edible Oil is used as a cooking oil. Edible oil is one of the most important components in food production. Portrax Co LLC produces and supplies a wide range of edible oils that can be used in different food applications. We offer oils of the highest quality, produced with sustainable methods and without the use of harmful chemicals.

Portrax Co LLC is the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Edible Oil. Our manufactured vegetable oils are natural and healthy, with no preservatives or added flavors. Our Edible Oil is fresh and pure. We use only the finest grade of seeds that are rich in flavor, high in nutrition, and low in saturated fat. Edible Oil is a type of vegetable oil derived from different vegetable seeds. It is used for cooking and in the production of soaps, shampoos, and salad dressings. The most common form of edible oil is made from roasted seeds.