Refined Soybean Oil

Portrax Co LLC manufactures and supplies Refined Soybean Oil, a 100% pure soybean oil product. Our soybean oil is rich in natural Vitamin E and has a high smoke point of 490°F.

Our company produces our own soybean oil that meets international standards for purity. We offer soybean oils for export and import, in bulk, drums, totes, and other packaging.

Soybean oil is an edible vegetable oil that is in a liquid state at room temperature. It is one of the most essential oils from plant sources, both as cooking oil and as a salad dressing. Soybean oil that is more refined than crude soybean oil has been processed to make it appropriate for cooking at high temperatures without breaking down and becoming rancid.

We are a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of refined Soybean Oil, which is an excellent alternative to animal-based oils. We have a variety of grades available, including high-quality vegetable oils and poultry fats.

Refined Soybean Oil is created from soybeans, which have been cleaned and then processed to remove the natural oil. The oil is then put through a process of refining that eliminates impurities in order to produce a superior quality, cold-pressed oil