About Us


EUROPEAN GROUP SAE is headed by Dr. Darwish El Sayed Soliman.

Egyptian by birth, after graduating in engineering he moved to Italy where he began his training career in finance and import/export. Thanks to the multiple and multi-knowledge and collaborations with national realities and international credit, government agencies and financial institutions, EUROPEAN GROUP SAE specializes in the financing of international projects, letters of credit, Forfaiting, Factoring, Bill discount. EUROPEAN GROUP SAE provides a young and motivated team, able to support customers quickly and professionally to meet different needs and deliver customized and effective solutions.
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About Us


Our company is Gold member of Tradekey

Our company is registered with derogatory international banks + Central Bank of Italy

We have another company, an Italian-Egyptian association with president Dr. Soliman Darwish, in Italy since then
Our director Dr. Soliman Darwish is also a correspondent of the Egyptian radio and television in Northern Italy


Banking instruments: letters of credit, standby letters of credit, bank guarantees Commercial operations for Import-Export Funding for products from America, China, Brazil, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and othersItalians and not, who want to grow and expand.

Bank guarantees Monetization Participation in international collateral competitions Trading Europe/Asia 20-year repayment project financing Financing of the Project with Loan for Money with 10 Years of repayment

Financing small projects for young entrepreneurs Discount/Value on bills L/C opening with deferred payment up to 180 days Opening of business and personal bank accounts for non-residents Cooperation with our company in your country Our Top and Non-Top International Banks


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EUROPEAN GROUP SAE is able to offer adequate advice to all companies, both Italians and not, who want to grow and expand. Thanks to collaborations with major national and international banks and with the
best finance companies, we can provide finance and financing for companies that want to expand their business nationally and internationally. The companies that turn to us have the assurance that adapts to your needs. We present the best solutions and the most profitable market. We take care of the management on behalf of the customer throughout the procedure directly with the financial banks Companies.