Brazilian SoyBean
Soybean with social and environmental certificate grows 21% in the 2017/18 harvest Even with the growth, only 4 million tons of grains produced in the country have RTRS certificate in a total of 120 million tons.
Soybean seedlings
Production grow up
Soybean production with the RTRS socio-environmental certificate is expected to close Brazil’s 2017/2018 crop with a 21 percent increase over 2017, reaching 4 million tons, with producers interested in obtaining an award for the oilseed crop grown under higher environmental standards.
Soybean seedlings
The volume is small near the record 120 million tons of soybeans Brazil has harvested in the current season, but data show that this niche market is growing, as consumers are also concerned about sustainability in agricultural production, CID Sanches, the specialist of the international soybean RTRS association responsible for Brazil, told Reuters.
Soybean Storage
To be certified by the RTRS, an association formed by members of the soybean chain, such as producers, industries and traders, the oilseed must have been produced in an area without deforestation since 2016. The properties that earn the seal must also comply with the best social, business practices and agricultural.
With the certification, producers can earn $ 2 to $ 5 per tonne of additional soybeans paid by those food industries interested in assuring their consumers that they work with “responsible soy” – the value is relatively small near the price of a ton of soybeans (about 380 dollars), but compensates the farmer in several aspects, not only economically, stressed Sanches.