Sugar Cane

Sugar cane

Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of sugarcane, the sugarcane agroindustry has flexibility in its production with control and supervision in the export stages finishing the product with the highest quality. Sugarcane goes through several stages from manufacturing to its final result; the sugar and its types and nutrients according to the taste of the customer. Suppliers and customers, national and international Commodities are very important elements in the functioning of the economy. Suppliers and customers are the national and international products that are important about the values relative to the functioning of the economy.

Sugar VHP

Sugar VHP (Very High Polarization) raw sugar and this can be changed in other types of sugars. Because it has a low humidity of 0.10%, ideal for export. Granulometry: Slim Color: Light yellow

Sugar VVHP

Very Very Hight Polarization (VVHP) very low color sugar and slightly higher polarization (99.6 ° Z) than the VHP. Because of its high polarization it is destined for refining and export, and parameter controls simplify its filtration. Granulometry: fine Color: Light yellow

Refined Sugar Icumsa 45

Refined sugar – Icumsa 45 white sugar, dissolves easily, to stay white and refined is added chemical additives such as sulfur that leaves it white and flavorful. This eliminates vitamins and minerals thus removing nutrients. Granulometry: very fine Color white

Organic Sugar

Organic Sugar Clear sugar without chemical additive since production in sugar cane, washed with water and centrifuged so that the granulation remains thick and uniform. Granulometry: fine color: light brown

Sugar Demerara

Demerara sugar that does not receive any chemical additives and passes through a slight refinement, predominating the high nutritional value. Granulometry: fine color: light brown

Sugar Brown

Sugar extracted from the sugarcane juice; is a raw, dark and moist sugar, thus conserving its nutrients calcium, iron and mineral salts. The brown sugar does not go through the refinement phase. Granulometry: very fine color: brown / caramel

Melado or Molasses Sugar

Melado or Molasses is the syrupy liquid obtained by the evaporation of the sugarcane juice by suitable technological processes. Molasses is the liquid obtained as the manufacturing residue of crystallized sugar, molasses or the refining of raw sugar. Creamy: thick liquid color: brown / caramel

Sugar Isomalt

Sugar isomalt produced by beet and not by sugar cane, natural flavor, color similar to sugar cane and used in the production of candy. Granulometry: fine color white

Crystal Sugar - IC 150

Crystal Sugar – IC 150 Sugar difficult to dissolve in water with large transparent crystals, undergoes refinement of slight after cooking, removing 90% of the mineral salts. At high temperatures the color changes and is separated by type 1,2,3. Granulometry: fine Color: clear

Sugar Confectioner

Sugar with fine crystals and white, careful refinement to obtain mini crystals, addition of rice starch, corn or calcium phosphate with this process the mini crystals do not come back to join. Granulometry: extra fine Color white

Sugar Light

Composition of refined sugar added to artificial sweeteners; aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin and is very sweet. Granulometry: very fine Color white